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Highest quality virgin hemp oil in 3 small bottles to make sure you always have fresh oil. Includes a brochure with tips how to get life back in balance.

Good fats versus CBD

More than CBD

Both CBD and Good fats balance endocannabinoid system (ECS), however Good fats are essential for balancing ECS. Good fats are worldwide legal and therefore there is a clear RDI (recommended daily intake) stated. Do you want to know more about good fats?

Our good fats

We focused on the highest-quality ingredients and their freshness. The base is a variety of virgin hemp oil pressed from the certified premium variety – FINOLA.

2 teaspoons a day for internal balance

Treat yourself to one teaspoon (5 ml) in the morning and one in the evening with your meal. Or simply add our oil to your food for flavour.

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