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Vitamin D has become a hot topic for health-conscious individuals in the last decade. It should be first noted that unlike Vitamin C, Vitamin D is technically not a vitamin but a class of steroids. In fact, Vitamin D is produced by the human body when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the Sun. This hormone works to help absorb fats and various other nutrients in the body and it is critical for the immune system to function properly. This is due to its effect on balancing the endocannabinoid system.

For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere of the world and especially Europe, the Sun does not provide enough during the autumn and winter months and only starts to be effective in the spring and summer months. This means that for some months in the year it is important to take Vitamin D3 as a supplement. The recommendation to get more sun exposure and supplement in the winter time cannot be emphasized enough as many people in Western countries are currently Vitamin D deficient and this can have many negative effects on one’s health, especially in terms of immune system functions.

Sun Exposure is Key

During the summer months it is critical for people to get some sun, this means being out in your swimming suits and basking in the Sun. To satisfy the daily dose of Vitamin D it is enough to be exposed to the Sun for 20 minutes or so per day, if you get more just make sure you don’t burn yourself if your skin tone is very light. Sun exposure and the Vitamin D provided along with a diet rich in good fats and whole foods along with exercise are part of the puzzle to optimizing health.

Vitamine D sunny day

In fact following the Sun schedules is also key to sleep health, for example getting up when the Sun rises and going to bed when the sun has set can help with your body’s circadian rhythm. For this it should be noted that avoiding screens a few hours before going to bed is also an important recommendation. Some foods also contain certain types of Vitamin D naturally such as a variety of mushrooms, which interestingly also contain melatonin which is key in the sleep wake cycle and is associated with light exposure.

Fats and Vitamin D

Vitamine D in food

In the winter time, when there is less possibilities for our body to produce Vitamin D due to less Sun exposure and the Sun rays being less strong in Northern countries it is important to supplement. Vitamin D is a fat soluble steroid and is thus crucial that it be taken with a an oil. The Good Fats oil provides all the necessary fatty acids for the endocannabinoid system to function along with the daily dose of Vitamin D3. In general, this oil is a strong addition to have for the winter time and should not be

seen as the only thing to implement in one’s lifestyle. The importance of exercise and whole foods is crucial. It can also be wise to add edible and medicinal mushrooms such as chaga and morel to your diet for optimal health. Always remember good fats and making the necessary lifestyle changes will greatly improve your quality of life and will likely keep the doctor away, at least for those pesky civilization diseases that are the number one killers in our society.

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