What is OEA?

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Oleoylethanolamide or OEA is a naturally occurring fatty acid amide that is found in a variety of different foods such as nuts and in cacao. This amide is integral in the regulation of hunger homeostasis and is a key endocannabinoid system modulator. Various studies have found OEA to be very effective in reducing hunger, inflammation and some even in lowering pain that is associated with inflammation. Other studies have found OEA to be beneficial in reducing damage to the brain that is associated with 

alcohol abuse and addiction. The amide is crucial for the endocannabinoid system and for homeostasis. Recently the company Good Fats introduced the Slim Caps which are targeted at individuals who are trying to lose weight through natural and health promoting ways rather than unhealthy diets and or stimulants to speed up the body’s metabolism. In animal studies OEA which is an endocannabinoid like molecule was found to reduce overeating as well as reduce fat in rats, in humans this substance has shown great potential for a variety of issues and is generally considered safe.

OEA and Bear Hibernation

Part of the inspiration of how OEA works in inducing lipolysis or the breakdown of triglycerides from stored fat to fatty acids and energy came from studying hibernating brown bears. The bears go into hibernation in the winter time and their endocannabinoid systems are set up to downregulate certain food finding behaviours as well as to break down their stored fat into energy. Thus, in studying bears it was found that they had higher levels of free flowing OEA which they absorb through their natural diet and thus this causes the bear to not seek out

food and for their bodies to rely on their stored fat for energy. This model can be very helpful for understanding how the molecule can work on humans and especially obese and overweight humans.

OEA for weight loss and improved health

lose weight

Aside from restricting food cravings OEA can also break down stored fat and thus helps individuals to lose weight. This is just one simple part of the beneficial processes that can occur. OEA has also been found to function as antioxidant and this is a big deal for those who are overweight and obese as having higher levels of fat can lead people to have higher rates of inflammation from the oxidation of the fat. One of the main issues in those that are obese and overweight is also the fact that many are eating processed foods with bad and unhealthy fats that are 

already creating inflammation per se (SEE ARTICLE GOOD VS. BAD FATS). Thus, OEA is much more than just a weight loss agent, it can help individuals feel much better due to decrease inflammation and its powerful endocannabinoid system modulating effect.

Slim Caps and Healthy Lifestyle

At Good Fats we encourage individuals to improve their lifestyles along with taking the product. The Slim Caps OEA product should not replace a healthy and balanced diet but should be an integral part of a journey to healthier living. Slim Caps should be integrated with an improved diet and some lifestyle changes. Although most people will feel better from the OEA and will need to take them sometime before lunch and before dinner to help to feel less hungry there should also be lifestyle changes so that the 

healthy food live style

person does nor rebound into obesity or being overweight. Thus we recommend that people interested in losing weight try the Slim Caps but also begin a process of switching to whole foods, avoiding process foods, integrate good fats in their diets and also integrate exercise into their lifestyle. This way Slim Caps are a good way to lose weight and prevent gaining more weight but they should always be a part of the Good Fats philosophy of balancing and working with the ECS for healthy and happier living.

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