How it all started

When you achieve everything in life that is expected from you, you are successful at work, you have a home and a family, you live according to the rules, you have set for yourself, but still you feel like you are not quite right. You’re always looking for an answer as to why you feel “weird”, tired, lacking energy, missing something, anxious and not feeling the inner peace that you’re supposed to feel. Something is still missing from the puzzle to be truly happy and balanced. Your wish is to feel good in your own body.

The answer to all these questions, which I have been looking for answers for years, I have found through Good fats. But it hasn’t been an easy journey and I know I’m still not at the end of it. We are all driven forward by the knowledge that we are moving in the best possible direction! Fats are not a bogeyman, but an essential and totally necessary component of our food and diet that will bring your life back into balance!

In every human body there is a not yet fully understood endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is mentioned for example in traditional Chinese medicine. It has also been described by African shamans and Peruvian Indians. This system, when it is in perfect balance, is switched off. However, in today’s accelerated world, which is full of technology, fast and not fully balanced food, and where we are used to driving at maximum power, there is only a small percentage of people who have this system turned off. On the contrary, the rest of us, and believe us, it’s 90% of the people on this planet, have this system overwhelmed.

Simply speaking, the ECS system and its excessive activity causes imbalances in our immune system and overall health. This imbalance is shown in our body as intolerance to various foods, eczema, acne, but primarily also by poor blood results such as high cholesterol or poor blood pressure. Neither the first nor the second option is correct. The ECS system must be in balance for our body to function as it should and be in harmony.

The endocannabinoid system was formed 600 million years ago, while cannabis was formed 20 million years ago. From the name alone, we see a certain synergy. I never wanted to keep my epiphany to myself and I want to share this big secret with you. How to bring harmony back into your life!

And this is how it's been going on for years?


I began to listen to my body, which I had ignored for years, which was screaming for help, but I didn’t know what was happening. And that’s when I started to change things and my approach to my health and my life.


I found the right people who are now my colleagues and friends and together we run the Good fats project.


We founded Calma Verde, a company with natural and hemp products. We were looking for what gets our body and ECS system in balance. We found that CBD cannabidioil is one of the substances that can really help us.


We have discovered that CBD is a fat, and the right and good kind of fat too! At the same time, we discovered that CBD is not just one active ingredient in cannabis, but that there are 20 others.


We founded the Puurex brand, which produces the highest quality broad spectrum CBD oil on the market. Our team continues to expand and that also includes our knowledge. We are finding that most extracts are made using CO2, a compound that is very harmful to this planet and harmful to other active ingredients in cannabis. So we are looking for a solution. At the same time, we are finding that CBD is best dissolved in fats, and the right fats, the Good fats. So we have stopped manufacturing all of our products, except for the CBD drops themselves.


We are looking for other good fats that are suitable for people living in the 21st century and we discover a premium cannabis variety FINOLA with the best ratio of omega3, omega6, omega9 fatty acids. In collaboration with experts from ENDOVERSE, we are developing a unique hemp oil, Good fats, which contains not only the right ratio of omega fatty acids, but also vitamin D.


The pandemic and Covid-19 come into our lives. Everybody starts talking about vitamin D and CBD.  Our product was created before we knew about this insidious disease. It contains all the active ingredients because of its effect on ECS, not because of the pandemic.


We are planning to launch a special Good fats oils and other new products this year!

Food supplements. These products are not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

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