O no, not another article on Covid you may be thinking! What do good fats and CBD have to do with Covid?

Covid-19, GoodFats and the ECS

As we approach two years of the pandemic, most of the media space has been focused on our adjustment and handling of the disease. As you may have heard, one of the unfortunate potential effects of getting infected with this pathogen is what is known as long-Covid or long haul Covid symptoms. These range from difficulty breathing to mental fog and confusion along with chronic fatigue symptoms. Aside from getting vaccinated, keeping healthy is one of the most important prevention tools for this disease. This includes a healthy diet, getting adequate Vitamin D and having a regular exercise regimen.  Research in using cannabinoids such as CBD and THC for Covid are ongoing and the findings are overall mixed.

Theoretically CBD would help alleviate cytokine responses as well as reduce ACE2 expression both are associated with overactivation of the immune system that can have dire consequences on the body. Consequently, other cannabinoid substances have been found to have antimicrobial properties and could have potential future uses.

Good fats and inflammation

One of the most important aspects of consuming good fats is the reduced inflammatory response that is rampant due to Western diets and high stress. In long Covid, sustained inflammation of various body tissues is noted and this is what causes the highly unpleasant symptoms previously discussed. In fact certain aspects of the disease seem to trigger inflammatory responses more often in individuals who are obese, and/or have metabolic issues. Metabolic syndrome and obesity are often understood to be impacted by great imbalances in the endocannabinoid system among other issues such as genetic predispositions. 

Good fats and inflammation

Higher rates of inflammation is associated and correlated with depression and higher rates of disease as well. Adding good fats to our diet such as using Finola Hempseed oil can lead to reduced inflammation in general. Reducing inflammation producing foods such as pork, refined grains and too much Omega-6 unbalanced oils (sunflower, cottonseed, canola etc) as well as alcohol can lead to better health outcomes and may alleviate some of the long covid symptoms, especially if they are lighter symptoms.

CBD and Long Covid

CBD is now being actively investigated as a potential alleviator of long covid symptoms as it is also associated with anti-inflammatory effects and when taken with a good oil such as the Good Fats Omega D3 oil it can serve as a powerful endocannabinoid modulator and a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. We recommend to always keep in mind that with any supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle is the key base ingredient. CBD can serve as a powerful band aid to lower inflammation as well as lowering appetite as it has the opposite effect of THC which increases appetite. Long Covid is often noted for its highly inflammatory responses and thus we recommend speaking to your physician about supplementing with CBD and recommend for anyone and especially those who are not in their health prime to supplement with good fats such as the Good Fats Omega D3 oil. We are confident it will make you feel much better!

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